Be More You & Become More INTERESTING

Be more you

This is a short video with Trevor Noah being interviewed by Howard Stern. Two of the media world’s most interesting people (at least I think so).

One day at the height of Dave Chappelle’s career Trevor was anxious about going on stage ahead of Dave. Trevor wasn’t feel funny enough nor worthy of being on the same bill with superstar comedian Dave.

Trevor mentions how his perspective on his personal value to the world in general and the craft of comedy in particular was changed forever by just a few wise words he received from Dave Chappelle on that evening.

Trevor said (and I paraphrase) Hey man (speaking to Dave), I don’t even know what I’m doing here.

Dave said Hey man (speaking to Trevor), listen up. I know loads of funny guys but know what? You are unique because you are funny and INTERESTING too. You are here because you are a comic with an interesting story.

Everyone knows what it means to be interesting, but here is a definition sourced from dictionary:


Someone or something interesting keeps your attention because he, she, or it is unusual, exciting, or has a lot of ideas.

We each have the same opportunity. Just like the opportunity, Dave provided to Trevor because he has an interesting brand story and oh by the way he is also very funny.

You might not be a stand-up comedian or a talk show host however if you are in a business where you are constantly vying for attention, focus on being interesting.

I know you are saying But that sounds like you are telling me to manufacture something interesting about myself? Nope, we don’t want you to do that.

Because each of us is unique in our own accord the trick is to simply be more you. When you acknowledge the wonder of your fingerprint which is a one of a kind creation, then you channel simply being you in all of your glory, you will be interesting because you will be your true unique self.

Be more you and rise above the noise made by everyone imitating and cloning himself to look, speak, act like someone else. They imitate others behaviors and style because they do not believe they are enough.

Place a bet on yourself for the win!

Be more you.

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