Mastering Business Narratives: Your Roadmap from Purpose to Action

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Story-Listening Story-listening is a profound exercise in systems thinking.  It begins with introspection, where you explore your own narrative to gain a deep understanding of your organization’s identity, values, and purpose. This self-awareness is crucial because it forms the foundation upon which your entire business strategy is built.  Once you’ve delved into your own story, […]

From Story to Strategy a Life Journey Mapping Sprint

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will refresh, reframe, and rethink the lens through which your ideal clients perceive the brand called YOU?  Welcome to the Life Journey Mapping 4-Day Sprint – an exhilarating experience designed to illuminate the path to self-discovery and growth. Why Life Journey Mapping Matters Life journey […]

Discover Your Hearts Desire

The process of discovering your heart’s desire requires self-reflection. Set aside time for introspection, and ask yourself profound questions about the people, places, and experiences that stand out as you contemplate your life journey. Use the following prompts to inspire your thinking. Self-Reflection: What truly inspires and excites you? What activities make you lose track of time? Reflect […]

Life Journey Mapping = gateway to personal & professional development

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LIFE JOURNEY MAPPING Our lives are full of experiences, both good and bad, that shape who we are today. From childhood to adulthood, we encounter significant events, challenges, and turning points that impact our personal and professional development. While we may not always take the time to reflect on our life experiences, doing so can […]

Nurture EQ to attain lifetime customer value.

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We achieve lifetime customer value by providing high-quality products and services. Clients will return for high-quality products and services a few times.  However, they will consistently return when your customer experience resonates with them. The essential ingredient required in a customer relationship is a highly tuned sense of EQ.  Strong EQ is essential in any […]