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  • Nurture EQ to attain lifetime customer value.

    We achieve lifetime customer value by providing high-quality products and services. Clients will return for high-quality products and services a few times.  However, they will consistently return when your customer experience resonates with them. The essential ingredient required in a customer relationship is a highly tuned sense of EQ.  Strong EQ is essential in any […]

  • The FUTURE is NOW

    The FUTURE is NOW

    I used DALL-E open-source AI tool to create the image below, simply by typing – pastel, tropical, and sunset, and in about 20 seconds, DALL-E produced an artwork. The Future is Now. DALL-E is an AI-powered tool used to turn words into art and is now available for all. I’ve experimented with DALL-E and other […]

  • They told me, “Just learn to tell great stories.”

    They told me, “Just learn to tell great stories.”

    The Greek philosopher Plato changed my marketing perspective with this quote.  “Those who tell the stories rule society.”  So I became hooked on storytelling. Then I began creating what I thought were great stories and people mostly said, “Meh?” I was confused; could Plato be wrong?  Then, I remembered a great quote from a business […]

  • Servant Leadership is the Best Growth Hack

    Servant Leadership is the Best Growth Hack

    When we talk about servant leadership, we generally think of it as a leadership style with the most significant impact on employees. This concept has been around since ancient times, but it has gained popularity recently. Robert Greenleaf first popularized it in his book “Servant Leadership” (1977). The servant-leader model says leaders who focus on […]

  • Leadership and the value of human skills.

    Leadership and the value of human skills.

    Each week we speak with business leaders about the human skills they employ to accomplish more.  This audiogram is a snackable segment of a more extended interview with Rebekah Hogan, CEO @ MarkahVida – Living Life Intentionally. Intentional Definition: Intended or planned; done deliberately or voluntarily. Are you living each day with intentionality?Do you consistently […]