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  • Servant Leadership is the Best Growth Hack

    Servant Leadership is the Best Growth Hack

    When we talk about servant leadership, we generally think of it as a leadership style with the most significant impact on employees. This concept has been around since ancient times, but it has gained popularity recently. Robert Greenleaf first popularized it in his book “Servant Leadership” (1977). The servant-leader model says leaders who focus on […]

  • Podcast Guest Spot @ Leadership Junkies

    Podcast Guest Spot @ Leadership Junkies

    The Leadership Junkies podcast is now live for your listening pleasure I was honored to be asked by Leadership Junkies to join their podcast and share my perspective on leadership. Jeff Nischwitz and Craig Mathews produce this amazing podcast and have done so for in excess of 100 episodes. Kudos Guys! They built their show […]

  • How to be resilient?

    How to be resilient?

    The world is constantly changing, always in a state of flux. To thrive not just survive we need to be resilient. Yet, what does it mean to be resilient? “Resilience represents the ability to rebound productively in challenging situations, and it has a strong protective effect against anxiety.” Andrew Shatte, chief science officer for meQuilibrium. […]

  • Mindfulness @ Work

    Mindfulness @ Work

    “Mindfulness doesn’t require complicated mantras and exercises.”

  • Are Leaders Born or Made?

    Are Leaders Born or Made?

    Are leaders born or made? Did the greatest leaders throughout history have to constantly work to grow their leadership skills? The question are leaders born leaders or self-made is an age-old question. The answer is the world has seen both those who were born to lead and those through hard work and perhaps a little […]