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  • Creating Calls To Action

    Creating Calls To Action

    Why does story work as the most compelling call to action for humans? Well, story is a powerful call to action for humans because we humans think, dream and communicate using vivid stories.  We use stories as the building blocks of all of our memories, desires and communications.  Why is the art of telling a story […]

  • Storytelling Drives Sales

    Storytelling Drives Sales

    Scientific studies and neuroscience confirm for us the epic power of storytelling to reach and engage people. Because humans are wired to respond to a story, that is why storytelling drives sales. In a research, study students were asked to make a one-minute pitch to their class.  Only 1 in 10 of the students told a […]

  • Signature Story

    Signature Story

    Signature Story This short visual story is the signature story of the company FedEx. The founder and Chairman of FedEx, Frederick Wallace “Fred” Smith narrates. Mr. Smith’s narration is delivered with a somber cadence befitting his experiences in wartime Viet Nam. He describes how when bullets were not flying overhead, he would observe how military […]