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  • Know Your Audience

    Know Your Audience

    Get To Know Your Audience ~> Adam Skelter renowned author, artist, screenwriter, and director presents the keys to winning the attention of your audience.  Adam says it’s simple, all you have to do is commit to doing the work to truly know your audience. OK, but there is an awful lot of content created by your […]

  • Become a Thought Leader?

    Become a Thought Leader?

    So what is a thought leader? The work we do at TAOSO is 100% focused on showing you how you become a thought leader. A thought leader is someone who has done the work to stand tall and rise above the crowd as one with superior knowledge in the market space they work within. Thought […]

  • How Storytelling Works

    How Storytelling Works

    How Storytelling Works Storytelling works because storytelling has the power to change the biology in humans, in real time. Yep, that’s right, when you hear a frightening story cortisol is released into your bloodstream. The hormone cortisol is released in response to stress. When you hear a relatable and compelling story oxytocin is released into […]

  • Executive Coach – Blair Glaser, MA, LCAT, RDT – Interview

    I truly enjoyed my conversation with my favorite executive coach, Blair Glaser. Why, because she has always willed solutions into the world that make meaning in the lives of others. The template for our conversation was borrowed from a passage in a book BIG MAGIC written by Elizabeth Gilbert. In Big Magic. She wrote this book to […]

  • Executive Coach – Tracy Goodwin – Voice Expert & Presentation Coach – Interview

    Tracy Goodwin is an Executive Coach – Voice & Presentation Expert, Keynote Speaker, Workshop facilitator and Founder of Captivate the Room. Tracy brings 30 years of experience as an educator, trainer, entrepreneur, facilitator, and speaker. Voice Power I enjoyed interviewing Tracy because I’m truly fascinated with the work she does, and I am sure you will enjoy […]