Customer-Centric by Design

Each stage of our process requires you to commit to diving deep and doing the work. Moving from a product-focused model to one where the customer comes first is a paradigm shift in thinking and execution.

The process is fueled by the Human-Centered Design Thinking model which enables us to develop solutions to problems using human-centered people before product perspective.

Before you commit, ask yourself this question, are you ready to do the work to build a customer-centric process?


Welcome to The Data/Story Lab. We are excited to be your data storytelling guide and coach and are ready to show you the ropes.

Together we will explore how to always be listening, engaging, and connecting with your ideal customer data/stories. We show how to access and analyze those stories and turning them into illuminating customer insight and signals of intent. After a while, you will be able to say you know their narrative of every recommender, influencer, and economic buyer almost as well as they do.

Learning to harness the power of data and stories, will help you create a customer-centric experience that delivers value while they delight.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!