The importance of establishing alignment in sales.

When sales and the customer achieve alignment you’ve positioned yourself to achieve sales success.

B2B selling is about getting everyone on the buy-side into alignment with everyone on the sell-side. Yep, it is as simple as that. Well, not exactly. We know to make any B2B sale requires patience, judicious decision-making, and getting everyone to vote in alignment with you, your product, and your team. Why is this alignment thing important, sounds like hard work.

Well, it is perhaps the hardest and most important thing a salesperson can do.

B2B sales have recommenders, detractors, influencers, decision-makers, and economic buyers. Everyone has a different set of requirements and needs.

Your mission is to get them all to vote yes on you, your team, the product, and the company when each sees your solution through a different lens.

The effort is likened to being a conductor of a symphony orchestra. There are loads of people to engage, get them reading the sheet music and then playing the particular song with the pitch, tone, and cadence that sounds amazing to them and of course to you. Because the harmony and alignment you achieve are what wins the deal and keeps on winning long into the future.

Yes, working for harmony and alignment is the surest way to win net new sales and achieve long-time customer value.

OK, now we are going to play one of our favorites tunes, Rhapsody in Blue says the conductor. Tapping her baton on the music stand to get the attention of the musicians.

Alignment and harmony are what make the orchestra sound amazing and so it is also true in B2B selling.

Achieving alignment and harmony is the surest pathway to long-term selling success.

Want more sales than sell like you are the conductor of the orchestra leading, guiding, and coaching everyone contributing to the music how to play and why it’s important to play it this way and not that way.

Now go forth and make beautiful music, I mean sales!

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