What does it mean to humanize your brand?  The answer to this question is pretty straightforward.  When you humanize your brand you recognize it is  important to engage your clients on a human level. Seems obvious enough, right?

Well many of us get so caught up in wanting to be the best we can be wrangling whichever social media platforms we believe reach and engage the ideal prospects we seek.  We forget these platforms are simply tools,  allowing us to reach and engage with other humans.  When we remind ourselves to remember it’s the people we seek to engage, its the people that matter most, and not the technologies we use to reach them.

I know, we live during a time of rapidly advancing technology, which makes the awesome technologies available to us seem irresistible.  Digital Darwinism makes being a capable hands-on user of the latest and greatest tech a necessity. Because when we don’t work at learning the latest and greatest, technology will outpace our ability to keep up. The fear of being left behind, the fear of missing out #FOMO drives us to learn to harness to power our technologies enable us to wield. Yet, once again, we must remember the power new media tech allows us to wield is communicating, human to human. When we focus on the tech we risk losing our capacity for human communication.

When you are a business leveraging technologies to deliver maximum value to the customers you serve, humanizing those technologies can make your technology more approachable. Humanizing your brand simply means you allow your audience of ideal prospects to understand that your brand like the founders and employees, have personality, and care deeply about the people in the markets they serve.

This short video is a great example of how Google chose to humanize one of their core technology offers, search.   Watch and let me know it the comments if the video makes you empathize with the characters in the story. What do you think and feel while you watch? Let me know in the comments which parts of the video resonated most with you?

Storytelling is the best way to reach your audience. Stories and the best way to humanize your brand. Why, because we humans, we are wired to share and hear your stories.

Need help finding your most compelling stories? Give us a call, we are here to help you find and monetize the stories that humanize your brand.

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