Know Thyself

The Greeks challenged everyone that entered the temple at Delphi to Know Thyself.  Delphi is an ancient Greek temple located at Pythia. The  Greeks considered Delphi the center of their world. They believed special powers emanated from the sacred center of the temple. What an amazing experience it must have been to pass under the inscription “Know Thyself” then stride into the central chamber to stand at the center of the world.

The inscription was presented there, above the entrance, to remind all that passed to remember who they are and whoever they were they were not greater than their own mortality and that no one can escape their mortality.

Since the days of Delphi much has been written about the benefits of knowing oneself.

Fast forward to modern times and we find an old Dutch saying inspired by the words found above the entrance at Delphi.  The Dutch say “We grow too soon old and too late smart.

The Greeks and the Dutch share the same sentiment, even though their ideas are separated by nearly 2, 500 years. The notion that the sooner we know ourselves, our strengths and weakness, the sooner we will know how to navigate toward opportunities and avoid the threats.

So, knowing oneself is a central element of building a successful life. The sooner we learn certain truths about ourselves all the better.

The Art of Standing out LLC is founded to help you harness the power that is baked into your story. The narrative of what makes you who you are and what the superpowers are that you are endowed with.

Yes, we know the thought of possessing superpowers would tend to add a bit of pressure and stress to the art of being you. However, you better believe in your superpowers because we all have something that makes us able to achieve remarkable things.

When you watch this short TedTalk video you will hear the presenters story. I will bet you right now, you will hear something of your story in her story. So, get comfortable, grab a snack, a beverage then settle in for this interesting 15-minute presentation.  I found her story inspirational I hope you do too.

Let’s harness the power in your story.

Then we can show you how learning the narrative of your ideal customer has enormous power too. Follow this link to a post titled Know Your Audience