Mindfulness @ Work

mindfulness at work

Will, it required a lot of work?

“Mindfulness doesn’t require complicated mantras and exercises.”

An example of mindfulness at work

Here’s a mindfulness hack: Well, actually it’s a breathing exercise.

The average adult takes about 20,000 breaths each day, so you’ve got this trick nailed when preparing for difficult conversations.

How it works

Now It’s time for your next difficult conversation with that person you’re anticipating will be one, or it has already been one… The anxiety about how far wrong the discussion might go is palpable and yet there are still so many ways to keep calm!

Try this breathing exercise: take 5 -10 (or 20 if you want maximum benefit) breaths in which each inhale lasts as long as an exhale (or longer). As a result of having done a little breath work the body has now calmed down because when we breathe deeply, blood pressure lowers giving us more energy and reduces stress hormones associated with fear of failure.

Yes, that means now you are ready so hop onto your zoom call and have a great chat.

Why it works

Research done by neuroscientists has shown how we breathe will affect the state of our body and mental state.

For instance, It is said that a recent study found mindfulness breathing improved scores on an anxiety test from 54% to 84%.

In addition, this type of meditation helps us reduce stress levels as well.

This is because breathing affects all major systems in your body, including the cardiovascular system (heart rate, blood pressure), nervous system (blood flow to the brain) as well as emotional responses like tension relief and relaxation.

So if you’re looking for some quick tips on improving sleep or managing stress consider starting with deep breaths from time to time throughout the day!

Want to learn more about mindfulness breathwork?

Here is a link to an article by neuroscientist Mike Perrotta https://bit.ly/3hUswkx

Here is a link to a breathing exercise https://youtu.be/rthkO1VefWY

Here is a link that takes you to our presenter Abbey O’Neal https://www.linkedin.com/in/abbeyoneal/

Then here is my contact info @ Arthur “Art” Jones https://www.linkedin.com/in/artjones1/ https://about.me/artjones.tv

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