Patagonia is Leading the Pack Again!

Fair Trade

Does sustainability increase profit?

Patagonia demonstrates leadership by committing the business to maximum sustainability over profits.

Bottom Line

Patagonia is a billion-dollar business and growing.

What we can learn by looking at Patagonia’s success:

They are anti-consumerist
(they ran a campaign themed “Don’t Buy This Jacket”

Fair Trade ~ They care about internal & external workers

Worn Wear ~ They encourage customers to repair what they wear

They produce compelling visual stories designed to support the initiatives their customers believe in.

(what follows is an example of one of the many visual stories created by Patagonia.)

Patagonia is a company that cares as much about social responsibility and sustainability as we do.

The headline in the photo below could read ~ Patagonia does it again winning the hearts and minds of the people in the markets they serve.

They are us!

Note: I want to be clear, the Linkedin News Crew (author of the article) refers to workers on Wall Street, & Silicon Valley as TECH BROS, and that is sexist and incendiary.

Link to the article here

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