Podcast Guest Spot @ Leadership Junkies


The Leadership Junkies podcast is now live for your listening pleasure

I was honored to be asked by Leadership Junkies to join their podcast and share my perspective on leadership.

Jeff Nischwitz and Craig Mathews produce this amazing podcast and have done so for in excess of 100 episodes. Kudos Guys!

They built their show with the goal of interviewing people who have inspirational stories about how they became leaders in various industries, so it’s an incredible honor to guest on their show!

The theme for this episode is “Leadership & The Power Of Story.” During the show, we talked about leadership, how it’s shaped by stories, and what makes up powerful authentic storytelling.

Pull up that comfy chair of yours while you enjoy some beverages with me as we dive into this conversation together!

Link to Apple podcast https://apple.co/3AHlwAm


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