Servant Leadership is the Best Growth Hack


When we talk about servant leadership, we generally think of it as a leadership style with the most significant impact on employees. This concept has been around since ancient times, but it has gained popularity recently. Robert Greenleaf first popularized it in his book “Servant Leadership” (1977).

The servant-leader model says leaders who focus on helping others succeed will see tremendous success themselves. 

I like to think of employees as our internal customers.

Well, if our internal customers benefit significantly from servant leadership, why is that the case.

Servant Leaders create:
Transparent work culture
Open lines of communication
Nurture authentic relationships
Relationships built upon trust
A corporate culture where everyone is respected
Employees are encouraged to learn and grow

What will happen when the external customer experiences the same level of attention and respect as the internal customer?

Did you think the big win would be lifetime customer value?

If you did, I agree!

When you want to inspire growth for your business, then encourage your ideal customers by leading the company using a servant-leader model.

It’s hard to imagine a business built upon the premise that leaders who focus on helping others succeed and, oh, by the way, those leaders will realize tremendous success themselves too. 

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