Signature Story

This short visual story is the signature story of the company FedEx. The founder and Chairman of FedEx, Frederick Wallace “Fred” Smith narrates. Mr. Smith’s narration is delivered with a somber cadence befitting his experiences in wartime Viet Nam.

He describes how when bullets were not flying overhead, he would observe how military logistics, a combination of air and ground transportation could save people’s lives.

When he returned home after his active duty service was complete, he founded Federal Express, using the military logistics protocols he’d observed in Viet Nam.

The story of the founding of FedEx tells the signature story of how Mr. Smith saw something broken in the world and set out to fix it.  Although it makes a compelling signature story for FedEx, it is a more powerful story about the founder and his desire to share his story as a tribute to the 58,220 who never returned from the war.

Every brand should have a signature story.

Do you have a story describing why you founded your business, who you serve, and how you help them achieve their goals?

If you do not have a signature story ready to share, and you want to get started working on it, we are here to help.

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