Scientific studies and neuroscience confirm for us the epic power of storytelling to reach and engage people. Because humans are wired to respond to a story, that is why storytelling drives sales.

In a research, study students were asked to make a one-minute pitch to their class.  Only 1 in 10 of the students told a story. On average the students utilized 2.5 data points in their pitch. After all the students had pitched, they were asked to take a sheet of paper and write down what they remembered from each pitch. Only 5% of the students remembered the pitches containing data, however, the study showed 63% of the pitches made using story were remembered.

Visual stories are:

Processed 60x faster than text

Evoke emotions

Are relatable & memorable

Storytelling drives sales!

Want your presentations to be remembered?

You should be presenting your ideas using the power of story.

Work with us, and we will put your stories to work for you.

2 thoughts on “Storytelling Drives Sales”

  1. What a great post and video! It’s so true that storytelling can drive sales. I started giving this topic more thought lately because I’ve been interested in new sales training ideas to suit our post-COVID world. So much has changed, and the workforce is decidedly more remote-oriented now. This means that new hires are being trained largely through digital mediums, which is a new endeavor for many organizations. How do you connect with your new employee and get them engaged in their training? Funny enough, I think storytelling works well here, too. And I don’t mean those cheesy training videos that so many movies make fun of. I mean real, engaging storytelling. Visual stories have power! The research study you cited shows that this is not an isolated experience in my world, but pure neuroscience! Any visual story will be more relatable, more memorable, and waaaay better at evoking emotion. Storytelling drives sales. Storytelling improves training experiences. And (I think) storytelling can change the world!

    1. Oliva you and I agree and Plato the Greek philosopher he agrees with us too.

      Even though Plato lived nearly 2,500 years ago he knew the same things that scientific research tells us about the power of storytelling today.

      “Those who tell the stories rule society.” Plato

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