Are you ready for the Metaverse?

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The internet is over 30 years old. If the worldwide web were a person, she would be an adult fully in her power. By the age of 30, she would have amassed an array of academic training, work experience, coaching, and mentoring too. But, the world wide web isn’t human, and as such, the worldwide […]

Servant Leadership is the Best Growth Hack

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When we talk about servant leadership, we generally think of it as a leadership style with the most significant impact on employees. This concept has been around since ancient times, but it has gained popularity recently. Robert Greenleaf first popularized it in his book “Servant Leadership” (1977). The servant-leader model says leaders who focus on […]

Executive Coach – Blair Glaser, MA, LCAT, RDT – Interview

I truly enjoyed my conversation with my favorite executive coach, Blair Glaser. Why, because she has always willed solutions into the world that make meaning in the lives of others. The template for our conversation was borrowed from a passage in a book BIG MAGIC written by Elizabeth Gilbert. In Big Magic. She wrote this book to […]