The Art of Standing Out & Interview w J. Tripp

Brand Strategy

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and that is why I’m posting this interview from 2016.

I was just as immersed in the art of storytelling and how the stories we tell ourselves define ourselves.

Johnathan asked insightful questions that provided a roadmap for me to share much of what I believe, why I think, whom I share it with, and how they change after acquiring my services suite.

Today, like everyone else on the planet, we have been caught up in the volatility, chaos, and uncertainty surrounding the Pandemic of 2020.

What do you do when the pandemic is changing your customers? You assess the situation and determine the plan to implement that would allow me to thrive, not just survive the pandemic.

So, I decided to pivot my practice from serving coaches and solopreneurs back to B2B sales. Now I am focused on working with the sales teams selling products and services to the enterprise.

Why sales? Sales and Success teams are my focus because the pandemic has made the old selling method – circa 2019 obsolete. Now, most decision-makers are content to make purchases of up to, wait for it, 50,000.00 dollars via self-service portals enterprise. Decision-makers have decided why risk getting covid from the salespeople. Now, the virtual meeting is the norm of the day.

I believe the time is now for salespeople to implement my design & systems thinking story-driven sales growth process.

Please pull up a chair and get comfortable, then listen to the interview to discover the foundational principles that I believe about the power of storytelling.