I used DALL-E open-source AI tool to create the image below, simply by typing – pastel, tropical, and sunset, and in about 20 seconds, DALL-E produced an artwork.

The Future is Now.

DALL-E is an AI-powered tool used to turn words into art and is now available for all.

I’ve experimented with DALL-E and other AI-powered assistants, and they’re all fantastic.

We live in an era where our tech tools leap to help us, and all we have to do is speak the thing we want into existence. 

It’s like we live in an enchanted land, where first we think it, then we speak it, and voila, we have a blog post, a book, a picture, a video, a musical score.

When you think about 2022, we now have many tools imagined in the animated cartoon the Jetsons.

The Jetsons were a vibrant family living in Orbit City in 2062.

Let’s take a quick inventory of the tools the Jetsons had ready access.

Video Calls

Robotic Vacuums

Tablet Computers

Smart Watches



Pill Cameras

Jet packs

Flat Screen TV

3D printed food (NASA astronauts 3D print pizza while orbiting in space)

We have surpassed what the creators of the animated cartoon imagine because we’ve already had many of these tools for years. 

What would Michelangelo & Sir Issac Newton think?


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