The key to stemming the tide of the great reshuffle?

There is much anxiety in boardrooms around the world.


Because CXOs want to know why their employees are leaving in droves.

Business leaders ask, “We’ve been making progress on our employee engagement strategies. So, tell me, why are our people still leaving?”

The term employee engagement was first coined by WA Kahn – Academy of Management Journal, 1990.

The WA Kahn study explored the conditions at work in which people personally engage, express and employ their personal selves, and disengage, or withdraw and defend their selves.

We’ve been developing programs to increase employee engagement and decrease dis-engagement for thirty years.

We’ve had plenty of time to learn how to do better, lead smarter, build thoughtful and compelling corporate cultures.

But, the pandemic became the catalysts to show the CXO’s how they’ve been way off target.

There is still hope.

Like so many things that seemed impossible prior to the pandemic (ex. telemedicine, hybrid-work) the need in the marketplace dictated the availability of an appropriate solution.

Perhaps now leaders are prepared to lead with their human skills, like honor, trust, empathy, and respect.

What is the fastest route to leading with honor, trust, empathy, and respect?

The answer is love.

At least, that is what the Roman poet and author Virgil believed when he wrote “Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus amori.”

The English translation reads – Love conquers all things, so we too shall yield to love.”

The sentiment embodied in Virgil’s quote suggests that no force in the world cannot be overcome by love.

Want to stem the tide of the great resignation, reshuffle, reset? Now is the time to show your internal customers (employees) some love.

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