The Life Journey Map puts you on the path to enhanced Self-Awareness


Exploring one’s life journey map can be a powerful tool for gaining self-awareness and insight into one’s personal and professional development. As a business professional, understanding the power of this exercise can lead to improved decision-making, leadership skills, and career success. 

Here are some steps to help you understand the benefits of exploring their life journey map:

  1. What is a Life Journey Map: A life journey map is a visual representation of significant events, experiences, and milestones in one’s life, including personal and professional achievements, challenges, and turning points. It can be a valuable tool for reflecting on past experiences and identifying patterns, strengths, and areas for growth.
  2. Autobiographies: Autobiographies are examples of the ideas that go into making a life journey map.  Why? Because, like the life journey map, autobiographies highlight how other people have used the insights gained from their life journey to inform their career choices, improve their leadership skills, and achieve greater success in their professional lives.
  3. Gaining Self-Awareness: Working on your life journey map helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your values, passions, and strengths, which may help guide career decisions and lead to greater job satisfaction. People often identify areas for improvement and set goals to address them, leading to improved performance and career advancement.
  4. Guide & Coach:  As we collaborate on building out your map, I will guide you through the process, encourage you to reflect on your experiences, and provide a fresh lens (mine) to help you identify significant events and turning points in your personal and professional lives. This part of the process is where you’ll reconnect with old memories, reveal how they inform your virtues, values, and bias, and consider how they have shaped who you are today and how you approach work and play.
  5. Reflection: After creating the life journey map, we encourage you to reflect on your learning and consider how the new perspective informs your career decisions, leadership style, and professional development goals.

In summary, helping you to understand the power of exploring your life journey map can help you gain valuable insights into your personal and professional development and use this knowledge to achieve greater personal and professional success.

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