Prometheus reflects our dual relationship with AI

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In the film “Prometheus,” the character David, a humanoid AI, serves as a thought-provoking allegory for the complex relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. Those who fear AI and those excited by its possibilities can both find valuable lessons in David’s portrayal. For those who fear AI, David embodies their concerns about the potential dangers […]

Four ways the From Story-to-Strategy Process helps Founders Accomplish More

The “From Story to Strategy” process is a powerful approach that can significantly enhance the vision, understanding, clarity, and agility of startup founders and their teams.  Let’s explore how this process achieves these critical objectives: 1. Enhanced Vision Narrative Development: The process begins by crafting a compelling narrative or story that outlines the startup’s mission […]

Mastering Business Narratives: Your Roadmap from Purpose to Action

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Story-Listening Story-listening is a profound exercise in systems thinking.  It begins with introspection, where you explore your own narrative to gain a deep understanding of your organization’s identity, values, and purpose. This self-awareness is crucial because it forms the foundation upon which your entire business strategy is built.  Once you’ve delved into your own story, […]

“If you don’t look back, the future never happens”

The quote “If you don’t look back, the future never happens” by Rita Dove, suggests that reflecting on your past experiences and learning from them is essential for shaping your future. Let’s break down its meaning: Looking BackThis phrase refers to examining and reflecting on one’s past actions, choices, and experiences to gain self-awareness. The […]