“If you don’t look back, the future never happens”

The quote “If you don’t look back, the future never happens” by Rita Dove, suggests that reflecting on your past experiences and learning from them is essential for shaping your future. Let’s break down its meaning: Looking BackThis phrase refers to examining and reflecting on one’s past actions, choices, and experiences to gain self-awareness. The […]

Stay tuned for the launch of VALUED, a podcast

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In June 2023, we will launch a new podcast with a title I love because we call the pod VALUED. Our goal for the pod is to assist listeners on their journey to becoming values-based leaders. Essentially we encourage individuals to change their perspectives and view things differently. This shift in mindset often leads to […]

Know Your Audience

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Get To Know Your Audience ~> Adam Skelter renowned author, artist, screenwriter, and director presents the keys to winning the attention of your audience.  Adam says it’s simple, all you have to do is commit to doing the work to truly know your audience. OK, but there is an awful lot of content created by your […]

Become a Thought Leader?

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So what is a thought leader? The work we do at TAOSO is 100% focused on showing you how you become a thought leader. A thought leader is someone who has done the work to stand tall and rise above the crowd as one with superior knowledge in the market space they work within. Thought […]