CQ is IQ + EQ in Action

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CQ is IQ + EQ in Action Beyond the well-known concepts of IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) lies another crucial factor that plays a significant role in our overall success and well-being: CQ, or communication quotient. While IQ measures our cognitive abilities and EQ assesses our emotional intelligence, CQ encompasses our ability to […]

The Four Stories That Drive Business Success

In the dynamic business world, the ability to craft and understand four essential narratives can make all the difference.  The four stories are your Origin Story, Founder Story, Customer Story, and Product Story. Those four stories serve as the building blocks of your business journey. 1. Origin Story: Know Thyself Your Origin Story is where […]

Four ways the From Story-to-Strategy Process helps Founders Accomplish More

The “From Story to Strategy” process is a powerful approach that can significantly enhance the vision, understanding, clarity, and agility of startup founders and their teams.  Let’s explore how this process achieves these critical objectives: 1. Enhanced Vision Narrative Development: The process begins by crafting a compelling narrative or story that outlines the startup’s mission […]

From Story to Strategy a Life Journey Mapping Sprint

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will refresh, reframe, and rethink the lens through which your ideal clients perceive the brand called YOU?  Welcome to the Life Journey Mapping 4-Day Sprint – an exhilarating experience designed to illuminate the path to self-discovery and growth. Why Life Journey Mapping Matters Life journey […]