Servant leadership is the best business growth hack!

Yes, I said servant leadership is the best business growth hack!

Growth hacking doesn’t always have to be about behavioral psychology, data, A/B testing, UX, and conversion rate optimization.

When you want to reach and engage with people nurturing your servant leader skills helps you create a solid foundation for all the tech.

Servant leaders are always nurturing, and being very intentional about leaning into their human skills and emotional intelligence may be the primary one.

A key element of emotional intelligence is social awareness.

Social awareness means that I’m sincerely interested in understanding my ideal customers.

But that doesn’t mean I sit in my boardroom and think about what my ideal customers want. 

For instance, I  engage with them before the actual building begins when bringing a product concept to life. 

We reach out to say, look, I’ve got an idea that I think will help you; I want to create a course, build a product, or write a book for you.

We are having a dialogue, and we talk about the six features. Our goal is to understand what resonates with them and why. 

Eventually, they say, wow, that’s amazing. You’ve mentioned six things, and four of them are fantastic. The other two, not so much.

That’s collaborating to co-create.

We are constantly working with our ideal clients to ensure that what we deliver is what our customers want. 

When we launch anything, and the customer has added their voice to the creation of the product, it is improbable that they would refuse the product launch they had a hand creating.

We believe this is the best way to bring products to market. 

When we engage with our customers and listen well, we make meaning in the lives of the people and businesses we serve, and oh, by the way, we make money.

That is what we call a win-win business proposition.

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