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Adam Skelter renowned author, artist, screenwriter, and director presents the keys to winning the attention of your audience.  Adam says it’s simple, all you have to do is commit to doing the work to truly know your audience.

OK, but there is an awful lot of content created by your competitors every day vying for the attention of your customer.  Jeff Bullas says, “There where more video is created and uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in the 2nd half of the last century.  Yes, more video content created and uploaded and vying for your consumption in one month that the three major US TV networks created in 50 years.  Whoa!

Video Content Creation

So what do you do to rise above the noise?  With so much content produced every day rising above the noise is hard. Breaking through the noise requires you to commit to doing the work to truly know the people in the audience you chose to serve. When you do the work, you learn what keeps them awake at night with worry and what successes they strive for and hope to celebrate. When you learn their narrative and know it almost as well as they do is when you are ready to create compelling content. When you share thoughtful, insightful and compelling content with your ideal customers their ears will perk up because your content will resonate like music to their ears.

Create Community 

Knowing the narrative of the people in the businesses is a strength enabling you to build community.

The Bridge Connecting Creator and Audience

Do the work to know your ideal customers stories almost as well as they do. When you know their stories every product, service or piece of content you create will satisfy them.

Want to know your audience better, we are here to help.

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