The key to earning lifetime customer relationships borrowed from the world of fine dining.

As a business owner, constantly seeking new ways to impress clients and attract new ones is always top-of-mind. 

I want to share a great tip I recently discovered from the renowned hospitality expert Jon Taffer – the Red Napkin Tip.

The Red Napkin Tip is a simple yet powerful technique that elevates customer service. 

Inspired by Taffer’s expertise in turning struggling businesses around, this ingenious idea revolves around a small but impactful detail: the red napkin.

Imagine this: A customer enters your establishment and promptly sits at a clean and inviting table. As they settle down, they notice a vibrant red napkin elegantly placed on their plate. Instantly, their curiosity is piqued, and they can’t help but feel a sense of importance and distinction.

The psychology behind the Red Napkin is fascinating. 

Your staff knows this table is a new customer making their first visit to the establishment. The red napkin signals these diners are to receive the absolute best effort to make them feel comfortable, at home, appreciated, and respected. It’s a subtle way to show them that you care deeply about their experience and that they are valued guests.

This small but thoughtful gesture can leave a lasting impression on your customers, encouraging them to return and recommend your business to others. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool, and when you go the extra mile to provide exceptional service, your clients become your brand ambassadors.

So, as a business owner, think about your business. 

  • What are you doing to ensure visitors to your website return again and again? 
  • What are you creating in the content creation domain that is such engaging visitors keep coming back for more?

Using the red napkin technique is another way of saying providing an engaging customer experience is essential when striving to earn lifetime customer value.

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