The Value of Deep Roots

The wind cannot uproot a tree with a deep, established root system.

One of the many benefits of a deep root system is that with deep roots, a tree is ultimately more robust and healthier than a shallow one.

I’ve heard people describe where they grew up as where their roots are deep.

Then I imagine it is true that we humans have roots like trees.

I found three thought leaders most people hold in high regard and their quotes on knowing oneself.
Socrates implored us to “Know Thyself.”

Is it that Socrates was imploring us to know how the people, places, and forces in the world have influenced our point of view?

Then is Sir Isaac Newton, who became one of the world’s most outstanding scientists and inventors when asked how he’d accomplished so much. 

Sir Isaac responded, “I have only seen further because I stand upon the shoulders of giants. 

He elaborated on that statement by saying he always seeks to honor those who taught him so much and whose ideas he built upon. 

Benjamin Franklin knew how hard the pursuit of self-awareness is when he said, “there are three things hard in the world, diamond, steel, and knowing oneself.

In our modern world now, nearly 2,500 years after Socrates said Know Thyself, we all continue to ask ourselves that same question.

Knowing ourselves is challenging for anyone who has tried to answer the question, as the forces in the world dynamically shape us and change.

As the pace of change quickens, the myriad of forces pushing and pulling us grows exponentially.

How do we remain rooted in a world tossed and turned nearly upside down by everyday events?

The answer is remaining connected to our roots. 

When I think of my roots, I think of the family, friends, teachers, coaches, experiences, and places that helped shape my virtues, values, and character.

Our virtue and values are the source material for understanding our sense of character, which is an essential human skill that helps us make all decisions. 

Knowing our strengths and weaknesses directs us like a Northstar helping us intentionally and consistently present our authentic selves.

A person who acknowledges their roots and knows the origin story of their values and character can be a leader in any situation.

Do you believe what Socrates and Sir Issac believed?

Are you doing the work to know yourself by honoring the shoulders of the people whose shoulds you stand upon?

Remember whose shoulders you stand upon, for they are the reason you can see further today!

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